When Summer asked me to come out to their brand new home and acreage to take some photos for them, I could not have been more excited! I've known Summer and Dalton for a few years now and have had the privilege of capturing some super special events for them and their families! They are those clients that are SO easy to work with, are willing to let me experiment and go with the flow, nail and hold the pose while I get the perfect angle, and genuinely laugh and enjoy the time we have together!! To say they're awesome is an understatement! They welcomed me inside their home and onto their gorgeous property, including a creek, a wide open field, trees, flowers... basically a photographer's dream!! I seriously could have stayed out there for hours!

Summer and Dalton, thanks for being awesome! You totally hit the jackpot on snagging each other! Congratulations on your new amazing property and home and am so excited for you as you begin this next chapter of your lives!