It was one of the hottest days of the summer; humid and stifling. But that didn't stop this wedding at Cherry Farm Wedding and Event Barn from being so full of joy and absolutely gorgeous! This was my first time to this venue and it did not disappoint! It was beautiful!

The day was running smoothly, the ladies were finishing up hair and makeup, the dresses were going on, the first look with the father and the bride went off without a hitch, the groomsmen arrived on time. The wedding day timeline was on schedule! A first in my history of weddings! I couldn't believe it! (In case you didn't know, ALL weddings run late no matter how organized and structured you are ; )No wedding is perfect, it's just the nature of weddings but everything ALWAYS turns out perfect in the end.) That's when it happened; one of the groomsmen's suits wasn't delivered with the others. And it was the best man's. And it was in Little Rock. Over two hours away! And the wedding was due to start in 45 minutes. Cue the chaos!!

But you know what, it didn't!! Both the groom and the bride stayed calm and collected and went to work figuring out what to do! In the end, a friend and guest of the couple volunteered his outfit to the best man to wear during the ceremony!! And it was even their wedding colors. If you want to see this wedding day hero, scroll down for the pic! The suit was finally delivered when the ceremony was over and we were able to get some shots of the whole wedding party all dressed up!

Paige and Dustin, you amazed me on your special day! And you looked beautiful doing it! What a testimony of patience and kindness and truly just going with the flow!! This is a story for the kids and grandkids ;) I am so happy I got to be a part of it and witness you two becoming one! Congratulations you guys!!